Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed.

~Isaiah 1:17


We are striving to create an inclusive fellowship defined by a culture of humility, self-reflection, and faith, hope and love for and with each other. We do this by advocating for the well-being of each individual and the collective unity of the group.

This goal will be realized through education, Bible studies, and events - to become more respectful, to elevate our thinking, and to increase compassion for each other. The time to address this sensitive subject matter is long-overdue. Come join us as we engage with each other, become more enlightened and ultimately overcome the obstacles to an authentically unified body.

Our 8-week online course titled, "Thoroughly Equipped: Overcoming Racism, Racial Bigotry, and Race in America" will start its next cohort in September. If you are interested please email justice@sfbayfellowship.com.



Questions? Send us an email at justice@sfbayfellowship.com